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3 Dirty Truths About Generic Water Filters

Person replacing water faucet filter

With inflation costs rising, most of us are looking to cut costs where we can. So, when you see a generic replacement water filter, it’s no wonder that you might try swapping out your certified version. After all, when the cost of eggs hits a record high, every dollar counts. But is this a savings that’s actually pretty costly in other ways. The unfortunate truth is that while the water might look the same, it’s got a couple of dirty secrets. Read on to find out about the 3 dirty truths generic water filters are hiding.

Contaminant Removal

You make smart choices by using water filtration systems because you care about what’s in your water. However, some of these counterfeit or generic filters might not be doing the job you expect them to do. Generic filters typically fail to meet U.S. standards for safety, including the NSF/ANSI standards for lead reduction. That matters because even though home tap water may look clean, lead and other contaminants can get into your water through leaching lead service lines.

Poor Taste?

We don’t mean to imply buying generic filters is in poor taste — most of us like to save a buck or two! But, have you ever had a sip of filtered water that tasted a bit unpleasant? Perhaps you got a whiff of chlorine or the water just tasted flat. While not all generic filters reduce chlorine, PUR water filters all reduce chlorine and improve taste and odor. In fact, our PUR PLUS Mineral Core™ Faucet Filters filter water over minerals in the filter itself, specifically to ensure the water tastes great.

No Guarantees

When you buy a trusted water filter replacement from PUR, you know the results are guaranteed. But when you purchase compatible and generic water filters, those guarantees are no longer valid. PUR maintains the highest standards for their products. For over 30 years, all PUR filters have undergone rigorous testing to ensure U.S. standards for safety are met. In fact, PUR’s faucet filtration systems are certified by NSF and WQA for their contamination reduction. So, while a universal filter might appear to fit, even small differences compromise the safety of your water. Only PUR filters have been designed to perfectly fit your pitcher or faucet system. Generic filters introduce a risk that isn’t worth considering.

We know it’s important to save money. But when it comes to your water safety, what you’re saving on a generic water filter might not be worth it. It’s critical that our budgeting supports an overall healthy lifestyle, and genuine water filters are one of those healthy decisions. The only other alternative to guarantee safety is to purchase bottled water, but that creates more plastic waste. Pitchers or faucet systems like those PUR produces are still far more cost effective and are better for the environment. PUR water pitchers, for example, save up to $75¹ a month versus bottled water. That’s a significant savings for all that water safety! So drink confidently and do your research when it comes to your water.

1 Based on comparing a year's worth of bottled water (16.9 oz) to PUR 4 faucet refills. Based on Nielsen US Scantrak sales.

5 Easy Purchases to Help Offset Inflation Costs at Home

Man pouring filter water into a glass

John D. Rockefeller called thrift essential to living a well-ordered life. Whether or not thrifty behavior contributed to him becoming the wealthiest American in history is debatable. What isn’t debatable is the impact of current economic pressures on American households’ budgets.

Here are five sensibly priced products that will help you stretch your hard-earned dollars without requiring significant lifestyle compromises. The money you save just might make other financial responsibilities easier to tackle.

1. PUR Water Filtration System

You’re not still buying bottled water, are you? The big-name brands taking up shelf space at your local store are more expensive than tap water you can filter at home using a PUR water filtration faucet system, pitcher, or dispenser. Many commercially bottled waters are filtered tap water — but much more expensive. By using a PUR faucet filtration system instead of buying bottled water, you can save as much as $30 each week¹!

That’s more than $1,500 per year! Just think of all the ways you can otherwise spend $1,500 this year with the cost of living rising so much.

Next, round up all those reusable water bottles you’ve purchased, received as gifts, and gotten for free over the years. Fill and refill your bottles with cool, clean, refreshing water straight from the PUR product that fits your lifestyle.

You’ll recover the cost of your PUR purchase quickly. (And you’ll keep plastic bottles out of the ocean and landfills.)

2. Coffee Maker

Do you love coffee? Are you nodding with excitement, or is that the caffeine kicking in? Americans love coffee, and we’ve gotten used to paying for it at cafes and restaurants without blinking at the prices. When you’re at your local coffee shop tomorrow morning, blink at the prices. Who knows what they’re based on?

It’s time to be your own barista! Start making coffee at home. It doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. And it’s fun! Try different beans, pick your favorite, then get a grinder and a coffee maker. Don’t spend a lot on cool coffee stuff until you’re pretty sure you’re going to continue brewing your own.

Keep in mind that coffee — and tea, for that matter — is mostly water. Want great coffee on the regular? Use great water. You know, the water passing through your PUR filtration system into your water bottles. Saving money on both great-tasting coffee and water? That’s win-win!

3. LED Light Bulbs

You might not spend a lot of time thinking about the lighting in your home or workplace, but you’re probably benefiting from some amount of LED lighting. LED lighting is smart lighting, literally. Thermal management microchips in LED bulbs make them cost more per unit than their incandescent or fluorescent counterparts, but they also last much, much longer.

Replacing all the incandescent bulbs in your home with LED bulbs is a no-brainer. Check out the bulbs they use at work or in stores and restaurants. The money saved long-term — a yearly average of $225 per household, according to the U.S. Department of Energy — makes switching to LED a must.

4. Gas Fireplace

Heating your home can take a significant bite out of your monthly budget. Electricity and heating oil are not getting any cheaper. How’s that fireplace in the living room doing? You know, the reason you fell in love with your place way back when?

Put your fireplace to work. If it runs on natural gas, you’re good to go. If not, look into installing a gas insert. Make a note of what you paid. Use it to heat your house for a month. Then compare what you spent with a comparable month’s central heating bill. You should see savings and be able to calculate how quickly you’ll recover the cost of installation.

Consider getting an air purifier if you use your fireplace as your home’s primary heating source. Honeywell air purifiers with HEPA filtration capture particles from smoke, along with other indoor pollutants.

5. Low-Flow Shower Head

Despite that Seinfeld episode, low-flow shower heads don’t have to equal unsatisfying showers. You probably won’t feel the difference when showering, but your wallet will, in a positive way, when the monthly water bill arrives.

Don’t Let Inflation Burst Your Bubble

All the recommendations offered here involve examining your recurring expenses and finding opportunities to save on them, month after month. You don’t need a Rockefeller-like fortune to be more comfortable in your home during challenging economic times.


1 Based on comparing a year's worth of bottled water (16.9 oz) to PUR 4 faucet refills. Based on Nielsen US Scantrak sales.

There’s One Top Wellness Tip That Will Improve Study Focus (That You Might’ve Forgotten)

young woman drinking a glass of water holding a PUR pitcher

Studying. The act of learning outside of the classroom. The concentrating on information in a way that allows your brain to soak it in and grow. The opening of a book and sitting near it while you text, eat, scroll social media, catch up on a show … wait. Not that last bit. But often, isn’t that what happens to us all? It’s incredibly difficult to have the discipline and attention for an effective study session. Making the learning process extra painful. Why can’t you just focus? It seems so simple.

And sometimes, it’s as simple as remembering that your study focus is tied to your overall wellness. Things like sleeping, eating right, and exercising are all simple efforts that increase how captivated you are by studying. But often we overlook the thing that’s all around and in us: water. With bodies that are made up of approximately 75% water, it’s the basic foundation that keeps everything functioning at peak performance.

If water’s the thing that’s getting between you and an easier time studying, let’s tackle some of the common concerns with taste, safety and expense.


If you’ve avoided water because it doesn’t excite your taste buds, there are a few simple options for adding zing to your H2O. Obviously, lots of products exist for quick flavored water. But if you have certain preferences, try infusing your water with fruits or vegetables like oranges, strawberries or cucumbers to create a natural and refreshing beverage. Want an option you can make ahead? Put that ice tray to good use by freezing herbs like mint in ice cubes, or filling the tray with a strong flavored natural fruit juice like cranberry or pomegranate. Pop ‘em out of the freezer and create an extra cold and flavor-forward drink of water.


You’re aware that our water tables are at risk of being tainted by any number of contaminants ranging from pesticides to pharmaceuticals. Not to mention the journey your water takes from the treatment plant to your faucet opens up ample opportunity for more harmful exposures. If this is your concern, there’s an option that can help you feel more confident in the water you drink. Water filtration systems like the line of pitchers developed by PUR represent leading and certified filtration technology.


At typically $1.50 per 20-ounce bottle, you’re going to feel the cost of good-tasting water on your budget. Think of it this way: if 20 ounces is $1.50, that means you’re spending approximately $4.80 daily on water alone. Not to mention, the cost to the environment. Water filtration systems like those in the conveniently slim sized (and colorful!) PUR Plus 11 Cup Pitcher can save you on average up to $75 a month over bottled water¹!

Next time studying looms over your head, give yourself an advantage. Drink your water and reap the benefits this next semester.


¹Based on comparing a year's worth of bottled water (16.9 oz) to a PUR system and 5 refills. Based on Nielsen US Scantrak sales.

The No. 1 Group at Risk for Dehydration (and What to Do About It)

Man getting glass of water from filtered faucet system

Although you may not have realized it, as we age our risk of dehydration increases. The sensors that tell us we’re thirsty aren’t as reactive, our kidneys aren’t quite as effective, and many medications can hinder how our body absorbs the water we’re already getting. This is normal, and with a few simple tricks we can all ensure we keep our water intake up and enjoy all the benefits of drinking enough water.

Set Reminders

Regularly drinking water is a habit, but one that needs to be established if you’re not already doing it. An easy tip is setting reminders throughout the day, either on a sticky note in obvious places or through technology you might have at home or in your cell phone. And when that reminder goes off, make it easy on yourself! Drinking eight ounces of water more often, rather than an oversized glass all at once, is far more enjoyable and easier on your body.

Make a Game of It

If competition is more your speed, see if you can’t make a game of hydration. Seven days in a row and you haven’t missed a day? Maybe it gets you a favorite piece of chocolate or money in the jar toward a fun purchase. Or, loop in a friend. See who can be more consistent and perhaps the winner buys the other lunch. Added bonus: bringing a friend along benefits their health, increases your enjoyment, and creates accountability!

Improve Water’s Quality

Maybe you’ve resisted increasing your water intake because what’s coming out of the tap just doesn’t taste great and you’re not that confident it’s that healthy for you, either. There’s a simple fix for that! PUR water filtration systems come with lots of options from pitchers and dispensers to faucet mounted filters, and PUR’s signature Mineral Core in PUR PLUS Faucet Filters adds minerals into your water for optimal taste.

Eat Hydrating Foods

Did you realize when you eat, you’re also ingesting water? A lot of foods have a portion of water in them, and some have more than others. Consider a hydrating revamp of your diet to include water-dense items. Cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, and apples are just some of the many fruits and vegetables that are packing extra water. Just remember to check acid levels before introducing a lot of extra vegetables like tomatoes, especially if you have issues with gastrointestinal weakness or certain medications that are compromised by acid. Broth-based soups are also wonderfully water dense and support hydration. Plain yogurt and skim milk also give the double punch of hydration and calcium, protecting your bones when you need to the most.

Getting your hydration levels up can be effortless with a few simple tips that help you avoid dehydration and keep you enjoying the benefits of water each and every day!

College Life: New Year’s Resolutions That Will Improve Your Grades

Young woman outdoors drinking water

New Year’s resolutions are upon us, and if you’re a college student, you’re headed back to school after winter break. It’s the perfect time to take on some easy-to-adopt steps that improve grades. From improving sleep to increasing your hydration, these resolutions are a no-brainer.

Maybe you’re home with family as the calendar flips to a new month AND new year. Or perhaps you’re out with friends you’ve met this last semester. Either way, at the new year we often consider the time-honored tradition of making a resolution. And this year might be the year to consider how those resolutions can actually improve your grades. That’s right. Thinking you want to end the spring semester with a different result? New Year’s resolutions can help. Read on for some simple resolutions that can drastically impact your GPA.

Plan Social Media Blackouts

Scroll. Scroll. Stop. Scroll. Scroll. Stop. Have you ever noticed that while you genuinely love social media, it also has this funny effect on your brain? You wouldn’t be wrong. Research has shown that social media makes it more difficult for us to hold attention, and shrinks the parts of our brain responsible for concentration. Yikes. But before you go cold turkey, declaring to the world that you’re off social media forever (and then come crawling back in 3 weeks) try something a bit more reasonable. Plan blackout days. If possible, at least 5 days a month. By decreasing your overall consumption, you free up valuable time for things like studying. Or anything else.

Get More Sleep

Possibly you’ve fallen into the stereotypical sleep patterns of a college student. Living amongst friends, in a co-sleeping environment, it becomes extremely easy to develop unhealthy sleeping habits. But what does lack of good sleep have to do with studying? In addition to impacting your attitude, getting enough sleeps improves our recall, memory, and problem-solving capabilities. Giving your brain a rest allows it to replenish and process the activities of a day. Even if you think that all night study session is going to do the trick, it’s actually proven that students without sleep do poorer on exams overall.
So, starting in the new year, incrementally move your bedtime earlier. And remain as consistent as possible with when you go to bed, allowing your body to naturally shut down as a result of its internal clock. The “you” from Finals Week is thanking “you” today.

Go Outside at Least Once a Day

It stands to reason that you weren’t intended to be a caged animal, and yet many of us never realize the benefits of getting outside at least once a day. Beyond the very obvious benefit you get from vitamin D, it’s been found that walking outside can increase our overall creativity. Creativity that’s critical when you’ve got a 10-page paper to write in the next week. Additionally, the benefits of light cardio include increasing your body’s circulation — which is critical to every other part of your system. Make a resolution today that you’ll go for a walk outside 5-6 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Then watch what your brain can do!

Drink More Water

Just like getting outside and being physical improves how your body functions, water has a similar effect. Representing approximately 75% of your body’s make up, you can imagine how critical drinking water is to keeping yourself at top performance. Resolve to drink more water instead of soda (or, you know, anything else), and find easy ways to do it. From fun water bottles to flavor packets, there are a lot of ways to improve the experience. It’s also important that your water is safe and tastes good. Consider adding to your birthday list a pitcher that filters your water, like a PUR Plus Pitcher. It comes in fun colors and the PUR Plus Filter is certified to reduce 3X more chemical and physical substances* than the leading competitor pitcher filter.

Start a Budget

You might not think your finances have anything to do with studying, but they do. Financial problems have been proven to lead to adverse mental health outcomes, the least of which is carrying low levels of stress at all times. This, in turn, negatively impacts our ability to freely learn the materials needed to be successful in college. Make a resolution today to start a budget, even if you aren’t solely responsible for your expenses. Understanding finances now is a tool that will become immeasurably valuable as you start out on your career.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just open a spreadsheet and lay out 12 months money in versus money out. This tool can provide healthy guardrails and give you peace of mind, releasing you from some very detrimental baggage.

A year from now how do you want to look back on how you spent it? Hopefully with a few simple resolutions you’ll have pride in all that you’ve accomplished at college. Ready to take on the year after this one!


*Versus best-selling Brita® pitcher filter OB03. Brita® is a trademark of Brita LP.

3 Rituals That Will Change Your Life This Year

Man filling tea kettle using PUR Faucet Filter at sink

Humans are complicated. We like when our actions produce predictable results. (Imagine the smile of the inventor who threw the first boomerang that returned.) On the flip side, we crave the novelty of new experiences — visiting a country for the first time, for example.

It seems counterintuitive, but you can use both instincts to chart a new path for yourself in the new year. Adopting the three simple rituals below will give your days and weeks a new structure and might produce results that you find rewarding.

Ritual #1: Enjoy a cup of tea daily.

This ritual recommends “enjoying,” not “drinking,” a cup of tea daily. Yes, you should drink your tea and not waste it. But the reward here comes from enjoying the ritual itself. Consider what your typical day consists of. Compared with that, enjoying a cup of tea is easy.

Making tea doesn’t take much time — a few minutes to boil water, choose a tea, steep the tea, and sip it. These few minutes are about small decisions, small pleasures, and little else. You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor or think about your childhood.

Enjoying a cup of tea is an excellent way to start a day calmly or wind down from a busy day. The repetition — the ritual — is one you’ll look forward to. Your focus will only be on the task at hand. And whether you should drink an herbal or white tea with little caffeine or a black tea or matcha with more caffeine.

Because water is tea’s primary ingredient, it’s worthwhile to use filtered water. PUR faucet systems, pitchers, and dispensers provide a cost-effective supply of clean, healthy, great-tasting filtered water from your tap.

Ritual #2: Take a walk daily.

The cup-of-tea ritual gives your mind a precious moment of downtime. Walking every day is recommended to keep your mind and body moving. Committing to a daily walk carves out a window for pressure-free breathing and thinking, problem-solving, and planning.

The intentionality with which you turn on your email and chat “away” statuses, lace up your shoes, fill your favorite reusable water bottle, and get out the door transforms a daily walk from a habit performed on auto-pilot to a ritual.

Your walk can be a short hike if you prefer. Or a brief bird-watching break. Bring your dog and wave to neighbors. Your walk doesn’t need to be long. It doesn’t even need to be outside, though fresh air and sunshine are bonuses. In colder climes, a treadmill will do the trick.

Be sure to stay hydrated. That means drinking water before and during your walk. If you only find cold water refreshing, filling your reusable bottle from a refrigerated PUR pitcher or dispenser is a must.

Select the PUR filtration products that suit your household and lifestyle. There are various sizes, colors, and filter technologies to choose from. Check out PUR’s bundle deals to see how easy and cost-effective filtered water can be.

Ritual #3: Socialize weekly.

We spend a lot of time alone in our homes, offices, and cars. Socializing frequently benefits others as much as it helps you. Make a plan to engage with others weekly. Daily is better if you can swing it.

Staying in touch with immediate family and close friends might already be part of your routine. Consider reaching out to family you don’t know as well as you’d like or dear old friends with whom you haven’t connected in so long.

Attend networking events. Pickleball is popular because of its social component. Volunteer for an organization that could use your support. You could even take a part-time job with a theater company or wine producer just because you love hanging out with people immersed in that world.

Making a ritual of what otherwise would simply be a fun, unscheduled activity comes down to planning. Jot down a list of people you’d like to know better or spend more time with. Pick a day of the week and give it a name, like “Social Saturday.” Then populate your calendar with names from your list. And commence socializing on that day every week.

New Year, New Rituals, New You

These rituals are commitments to yourself that, while small, could have a ripple effect on your new year. Enjoying simplicity, honoring your needs, and nurturing relationships are sensible ways to see what changing up your day-to-day can do for you.

Why Baristas Don’t Use Tap Water for Coffee

person filling coffee pot at sink

Professional baristas don’t use tap water to make coffee. It’s a matter of taste. Not "taste" in a snobby sense, but in a "this would taste bad to my customers" sense. Let’s look at why and what non-baristas should know about making great cups of coffee.

If Tap Water is Safe to Drink, Why Don’t Baristas Use It to Make Coffee?

Water is the most plentiful ingredient in a cup of coffee or espresso. (At least 90 percent.) Your barista needs a constant supply of water that consistently tastes great and has other characteristics beneficial to their coffee-making process.

The primary reason tap water is a barista’s enemy: Tap water contains chlorine. Communities add chlorine to their drinking water to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses. A small amount of chlorine isn’t harmful to people, but chlorine has an oxidizing effect that makes coffee more bitter and "bleaches the creamy layer on the surface" of espresso. 

Additionally, chlorine compromises water’s effectiveness at extracting flavor from coffee grounds during preparation, resulting in a less flavorful cup. Using chlorinated, unfiltered tap water for preparing coffee is counterproductive for true coffee lovers.

So What Kind of Water Do Baristas Use?

Starbucks is proud of the filtered water they use in their coffee and tea drinks. (Request a cup of water at Starbucks to sample that same filtered water.) According to the coffee education site xLatte, Starbucks equips its stores with sophisticated filtration systems that use carbon filters to remove chlorine from water.

Leading-edge coffee professionals currently have science and scalability on their minds. Much brainpower and enthusiasm are focused on water chemistry, ultra-precise measuring, and other micro-details.

Where does that leave you, a regular joe who loves an exceptional cup of joe?

Can I Make Great Coffee at Home?

Yes! When it comes to being your own barista, you can make high-quality coffee beverages using filtered water. You don’t have to buy fancy bottled waters or special additives that optimize water for coffee making (yes, they exist). 

Filtering the water from your tap is easy, inexpensive, doesn’t create plastic bottle waste, and can be part of your method for producing great cups of coffee and espresso. 

PUR Products for Coffee Lovers (and Everyone Else)

Start by checking out PUR faucet systems, PUR pitchers, and PUR dispensers. Genuine PUR filters ensure that you’re benefiting from activated carbon, which coffee experts recognize as eliminating chlorine from water. 

You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that PUR filters have been certified by two independent water testing organizations, NSF (originally the National Sanitation Foundation) and the Water Quality Association (WQA). Anyone who loves a glass–or refillable water bottle–of clean, great-tasting water will appreciate PUR pitchers and faucet systems.  

Let PUR products transform your tap water. Your barista would approve.

New Year New You: Tools to Help You Stay Hydrated

New Year New You: Tools to Help You Stay Hydrated

We’ve all heard it’s important to stay hydrated, making it an almost automatic add to any healthy living pledge. But don’t you ever wonder what all the water’s for? Why does it matter if you reach your goal of staying hydrated? It has a lot to do with the fact that our bodies are made up of a whopping 55-60% of water, depending on the amount of lean mass we carry. For something that takes up over half of us, it’s got to be doing something pretty big for our health, right? Indeed, it does! 

Water is a sneaky thing responsible for lots of stuff that makes us feel amazing. Most obvious is in digestion. Water aids in saliva creation, flushes body waste, and drives the nutrient conversion process. But it doesn’t stop there! Water is the ultimate cushy ride. Think of it as our internal bubble wrap. Not only does it lubricate our joints and keep us fluid, it also acts as a shock absorber for our neurological system. And if that’s not enough motivation to stay hydrated, it’s also critical in manufacturing hormones and neurotransmitters. Literally the stuff that makes us tick and function well. You can imagine what robbing those processes of key materials might do to how you feel. One more thing: feeling hot or cold? Water is part of regulating the temperature of our body. 

But how do we stay on track? Read on for simple tools to keep hydrated.


Eat Your Water

That’s right. The food we eat is a great place to slip in extra water, or ensure we aren’t losing water. Lots of foods are magically water rich. The most obvious being whole fruits and vegetables (try them in a smoothie!). But did you realize you can also replace carb heavy foods with these same items and get all the benefits with one easy replacement? Zucchini replaces noodles, cauliflower is a tasty swap for crusts, and lettuce can always take the place of breads or rice. It’s also important to pay attention to how much salt you add to your food. On average, we’re taking in 47% more than what we actually need, taxing our kidneys and body’s ability to retain water. Keeping your sodium intake lower keeps you happy and hydrated. 


Carry It with You

You’re on the go, so leaving your hydration at home isn’t an option. Lucky for you, taking it along has never been easier. For the active individual hiking or on a long ride, you can keep safe and at top performance with hydration packs. This practical equipment allows you to carry water directly on your back, comfortably distributed for easy carrying, and with a hands-free means of getting at a much-needed drink of water. And for everyday carrying, water bottles have continued to advance and provide selection for every need and price point. Bring on the joy! Water bottles come in any style or color imagined, making this accessory an easy statement of style. Healthy and fashionable? Yes, please! 


Start With Great Water

When it comes to the water you consume and carry, have you ever thought making it even tastier and healthier would increase your ability to reach your goals? An effortless way to improve the quality of the water you drink is to consider all of the many options you have for filtering your home’s water. These simple and low-cost options deliver all of the benefits of filtration, from removing contaminants to improving our environment, and PUR filters are certified to deliver these benefits. 

You can start with the faucet itself, by simply anchoring a water filter to the faucet. You can guarantee with a water purifier for home that each glass of water will give you peace of mind and the purest taste. PUR Faucet Systems come in numerous contemporary and standard colors, and offer various placements to ensure it fits your space needs. For the highly connected individual, PUR also has Bluetooth enabled features, tracking everything from your filter status, water consumption, and money saved. Staying hydrated has never been this clear!  

If you would rather tuck your filtered water out of sight, a filtered water pitcher or dispenser is worth keeping in your refrigerator. If you prefer the convenience of being able to serve fully filtered water beyond your kitchen, PUR pitchers are an excellent option. Sleek and comfortable, there are several varieties based on your preferences.  But if getting water from an easy pour spout and overall higher capacity is your ideal, the space conscious PUR water dispensers will provide the perfect glass of water at your fingertips. 

Happy hydrating!

Explore the PUR line of at-home water filtration products.

The Complete Guide to Holiday Gift Giving, No Matter Your Budget

Complete Guide to Holiday Gift Giving, No Matter Your Budget

Saying that the holiday season is stressful is an understatement. No matter how hard we may try to be organized and plan ahead, this season always seems to creep up on us, with the events, gift-giving, and celebrations piling up in a short period of time. For many of us, our minds are on an endless stream of holiday to-do lists and calendar invitations. Rising Inflation continues to be a concern, which makes this holiday season even more stressful.

When it comes to holiday gift-giving, you want to be mindful. Buying something that your family and friends will love is important. But it is also important to be mindful of your budget.

Shopping for a practical holiday gift is something to consider this holiday season. Here are a few items to consider this holiday season for your family and friends that are sure to help them breathe a little easier this year. 


For the Fitness Friend

If you’re shopping for a friend who’s a gym rat or a runner, consider buying them a PUR water pitcher in one of their favorite colors. This is a practical gift that they can use to reach their daily hydration goals — even more important to those who take their physical fitness seriously. There is nothing more refreshing than a cool glass of water straight from a pitcher with a filter certified to reduce chemical & physical substances*. 

A water pitcher may not seem like the ideal holiday gift until you stop to consider that everyone drinks water, and even people who already have a water filtration system could often benefit from having an additional water pitcher to keep at their desk or in their bedroom.


For the Beauty Lover

If your loved one is a beauty fanatic, always looking for the next quality skin-care product or eye shadow palette, consider treating them to a premium hair styling tool like the Hot Tools Pro Artist Black Gold Dual Plate Salon Flat Iron or the Hot Tools Pro Artist QuietAir Power Dryer

Another practical gift for a beauty lover is a humidifier with an essential oil diffuser and tray, like the Honeywell Ultra Glow Light Changing Humidifier & Diffuser to keep the moisture in the air to help with skin health and wellbeing. 


For the Highly Sensitive 

We don’t often take the time to think of the air we breathe unless there is something wrong. With the winter months approaching, it would be a great idea to start thinking about your home's air quality. Those who tend to get sick often or who have compromised immune systems may appreciate a powerful air purification system as a gift this year.

This Honeywell air purifier is a great practical holiday gift that many people might not think to purchase for themselves. Those who battle more illness than others can breathe a little more comfortably this season. 

Another great option for those prone to illness is a waterless vaporizer. This is a gift that offers a slew of benefits while staying within budget. The 5 different scents of this vaporizer are perfect to calm the entire household. 

For the Foodies

Are you shopping for someone who is always tinkering in the kitchen? Bring that kitchen new life by gifting your loved one a new baking set or a specialty kitchen tool they may not think to purchase for themselves. 

A customized apron or online cooking course might also be a thoughtful, practical gift as well.


For the Career-Driven

We’ve been slowly entering normalcy, which means heading back to the office for some. Is your loved one big on meal prep? Consider getting them a Prep & Go 10-Piece Container Set so they can be sharp and organized when packing their lunch for work every day.


For the Eco-Friendly

Are you shopping for a climate-friendly fan of sustainability? If so, a OXO Cut & Keep Silicone Produce Saver Set might be a thoughtful choice for a holiday gift this year. 


For the Wine Lover

A true wine lover cares deeply about the temperature and condition of their wine, which makes the Hydro Flask Wine Gift Set a perfect, practical holiday gift as it helps keep your wine at the ideal temperature, whether hot or cold. Pair the set with Vertical Lever Corkscrew, which makes opening wine bottles much easier than with standard wine bottle openers. 


*Like other leading brands, PUR does not filter microbes. As of 3/1/23 Brita® and ZeroWater® were not certified to filter microbes. Brita® is a trademark of Brita LP. ZeroWater® is a trademark of Zero Technologies, LLC.

The #1 Hack for Drinking More Water

The #1 Hack for Drinking More Water

Water intake is key to our survival, but proper hydration can be difficult to achieve on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. In fact, as much as 75% of the US population is chronically dehydrated, and dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue and occasionally more serious conditions like seizures and kidney problems.

When it comes to sufficient water intake, there’s likely a few tired tips you’ve encountered time and time again. You’ve likely seen athletes carrying gallons of water throughout their day, or perhaps you’ve seen those large water water bottles that have measurements to ensure sufficient hydration. Perhaps you yourself have carried around one of these water bottles!

If you’re still struggling to drink enough water on a daily basis, there’s one hack you might not have tried.


The #1 Hack for Hydration? Make It Easy

Whenever you’re establishing better habits — like drinking enough water — studies show there’s one factor that helps more than others: Ease. By making the task easy, you increase your likelihood of completing it more regularly. When a task is more difficult to accomplish, a person is less likely to do it. Experts have a word for this layer of difficulty associated with habit-building; they call this “friction.”

As you’re looking to increase your daily water intake, identify areas of fiction. For example, when you’re sitting at your desk all day and you have to walk to the kitchen to refill your water, that walk to the kitchen creates friction. Or, if you’re in the car all day and you have a water bottle with you that requires opening with two hands while driving, this is friction. Similarly, if you simply don’t like the taste of certain water, this also causes friction.

By eliminating areas of friction, we make an action easier, and when a task is easier, people are more likely to do it regularly, like drinking enough water.

So, how can you eliminate friction when it comes to your hydration habits? Simple: Identify every small barrier you encounter every day in your journey to becoming a more hydrated version of yourself and work to eliminate it.


Taste Is Key

Ultimately, it’s harder to build a healthy habit like proper water hydration if we simply don’t care for the taste of the water we’re drinking. But, by investing in a water filtration system that fits right on your sink faucet, you can ensure you’ll have fresh, clean-tasting water every time.


Hydrating on the Go

Think through even the smallest considerations that may keep you from proper hydration. For example, do you hesitate to throw a water bottle in your gym bag because you’re afraid it will leak on your clothes? Invest in a leak-proof water bottle that screws tight every time.

Or do you find yourself in the car often, struggling to get the cap of a water bottle unscrewed? Maybe Hydroflask’s All Day Bundle featuring a 28 oz All Around Tumbler with a straw and a closeable leakproof lid will make it easier to increase your hydration while driving all day.


Hydrating At Home

When you’re at home, having easy access to drinking water will decrease friction and likely result in increased water intake. By keeping a water pitcher in several locations throughout your home in addition to your kitchen — like in your home office or your bedroom — you’re making it easier for yourself to drink the water your body needs.




The Perfect Gift Guide for College Students

Gift Guide for College Students - PUR Filters

Choosing the perfect gift for a college student doesn’t have to be as hard as Calculus II.

Are you overwhelmed by too many gift possibilities? Use this two-step approach to narrow your options: 1) consider where the student lives during school, then 2) check out the short, curated list of gift ideas below. Each gift idea includes a link to experts’ top picks and reviews.

Does the student in your life live in a dorm? At a sorority house or shared apartment off-campus? At home with the folks? The answer will help you settle on a gift you might not have thought of but one the recipient will use frequently.

Gift ideas were selected independently by the author. No commissions will be earned from purchases made using the links.


Truly Effective Earplugs

Reusable earplugs block distractions when studying or sleeping, and protect healthy eardrums against loud noise — a must for concert-goers. We’re not talking about your old-school foam cylinder earplugs. Earplugs have evolved into highly engineered devices that surprisingly don’t break the bank. And because they’re reusable, they won’t break the Earth.

Perfect for students who… are poor sleepers; have raucous roommates; study in noisy coffee shops; play in bands, or date people in bands.

They’re perfect because… earplugs can promote focused studying and restful sleep. They’re much less expensive than most noise-canceling headphones — so inexpensive that losing them won’t be too big of a deal, but just expensive enough that they’ll be a gift that’s much-appreciated.

Link: “The Best Earplugs for Gig-goers, Insomniacs, and Anyone With Ears,”


Trendy Shower Shoes

Athletes aren’t the only students susceptible to athlete’s foot. The fungi that cause athlete’s foot can hang out in any warm/damp/humid/sweaty environment–not just the locker room. Shower shoes (also called shower sandals or slides) protect wearers from germy, wet floors in shared bathrooms, limiting exposure to germs.

Fashion-conscious students desire some brands’ shower shoes as casual-wear staples. Think of them as designer flip-flops worn around the pool or dining hall. 

Perfect for students who… have more roommates than bathrooms; live in the gym; are fashion influencers.

They’re perfect because… they’re practical while being stylish and sporty. There are many inexpensive options.

Link: “The Best Shower Shoes for Men & Women in 2022,” Travel + Leisure


A Water Pitcher for Overall Health & Wellness

Every college student owns a surplus of water bottles, which is ideal! Staying hydrated wherever they go is vital for their comfort and health. Have you thought about what goes into their bottles? A PUR Filtration Pitcher will provide great-tasting water to take to class, the gym, or a hike. Just remember to include genuine PUR pitcher filters with your gift. Genuine PUR pitcher filters are NSF certified to reduce microplastics, chlorine, mercury, copper, zinc and other chemical & physical substances¹ that can cause bad taste and odor in your drinking water.

Perfect for students who… take a water bottle everywhere; are concerned about what’s in the water they drink; don’t want to add more disposable plastic bottles to the environment.

It’s perfect because… it can provide cost-savings compared with constantly buying bottled water. PUR Filtration Pitchers come in sizes to suit any fridge and color accents to suit anyone’s style.

Link: PUR Pitchers


Safety Lights for Cyclists and Runners

“See and be seen” isn’t a mantra reserved for the cool kids. It should be on students' minds when bicycling or running. Modern lights are powerful, sophisticated devices, light-years beyond reflectors used in the past.

Perfect for students who… bike or run competitively or for fitness; commute to class or a part-time job by bike or on foot; are often outdoors early in the morning or late at night.

They’re perfect because… they’ll help keep your student safe.

Links: “The 14 Best Bike Lights for Every Kind of Ride,” Bicycling; “10 Best Running Lights for Safer Nighttime Runs,” Runner’s World


An Upgraded Webcam

Virtual lectures, meetings, and study groups. College has changed. What hasn’t changed is the need for professors and students to see each others’ faces. A high-quality camera will do the job better than the tiny one built into your student’s laptop. Ask anyone who’s been on the other end of a low-res video call with fuzzy audio.

Perfect for students who… collaborate with peers in other locations; attend lectures remotely; are finishing up their graduation requirements through distance learning.

It’s perfect because… of all of the above. Plus, parents will see their kids with superior video quality during weekly calls.

Link: “The Best Webcams 2022: Top Picks for Working and Streaming,” TechRadar


If you’re a parent, you know your college student needs more than just your streaming passwords and gas card. If your next gift contributes at all to their success in and out of the classroom, that would be perfect.


¹ Like other leading brands, PUR does not filter microbes. As of 3/1/23 Brita® and ZeroWater® were not certified to filter microbes. Brita® is a trademark of Brita LP. ZeroWater® is a trademark of Zero Technologies, LLC.

The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for New Moms

Guide for New Moms - PUR Pitcher

10 Thoughtful ways to make first-time moms feel extra special this holiday season.

Becoming a mom is an exciting and magical new chapter for many, but it can also be an exhausting, chaotic and nerve-wracking time as well. Taking time out for yourself can be overwhelmingly difficult – even grabbing a shower is often a struggle – and the holidays can add an extra layer of stress to the equation for many new parents. If you’re shopping for a new mom this holiday season, show her a little extra TLC with an extra special gift that reminds her that she’s totally got this mom thing down. Sure she might be wrapped up in her new bundle of joy, but we’ve found 10 ways to show Mom she’s just as important.


1. A Coffee Subscription
“But first, coffee,” isn’t just a mantra for many new moms but a way of life. Getting adjusted to those late-night feedings and early-morning cry sessions can take some time, which makes added caffeine support a must. Make those first sips of java especially delicious by gifting Mom with a monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly shipments of small-batch, global coffee blends. Having one less item on the grocery list is also an added perk!


2. Self-Heating Coffee Mug
Coffee is great as long as you’re able to drink it when it’s hot. But round-the-clock feedings, diaper changes and being stuck under a sleeping baby can make it pretty tough to enjoy that welcome cup of coffee uninterrupted. The solution? A self-heating coffee mug that keeps Mom’s brew deliciously warm no matter how long it takes to enjoy.


3. Ultra Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier
Not only is a cool mist humidifier recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to keep infants comfortable, but it becomes crucial in the winter months when heaters can make for especially dry air indoors. Opt for a filter-free model that’s easy to clean.


4. A Self-Care Package
After months of swollen feet and heartburn followed by labor and delivery, Mama is in serious need of self-care. Put together a pampering care package just for her (no baby gear allowed!). Ideas include a gift card to a spa for a massage, her favorite face mask, a yummy scented candle, a box of truffles, and richly hydrating body lotion. Throw in a coupon offering free babysitting for bonus points!


5. Meal Delivery
It’s easy to forget to feed yourself when your day revolves around the eating habits of a new baby. Save Mom from yet another frozen pizza and treat her to a few weeks of deliciously nourishing meals she won’t have to think twice about.


6. Super Soft Pjs
A post labor and delivery mom is a sore mom, and cuddly-soft pjs can make all the difference when recovering. Look for pajama sets made from extra soft material like bamboo cotton, and if Mom is breastfeeding, opt for a button-down style.


7. Stroller Organizer
Baby brain is real, which is why tools that help bring order to the chaos are very much welcome amongst new moms. If Mom is finally getting outside with her little one, help her keep her essentials in check and her arms light with a stroller organizer. Perfect for carrying her wallet, water bottle, keys, and phone, a handy organizer means she can happily leave her purse at home.


8. PUR 11 Cup Pitcher
Whether Mom’s mixing bottles of formula or working to keep herself hydrated (or both!), a trusted water filter is a must. Opt for a pitcher filter, which allows her to have the option of room temp or refrigerated water and is easy to clean with a dishwasher safe model.


9. Personalized Jewelry
Jewelry is always a welcome gift, especially when it’s personalized. Add the name, initials or birthstone of the new baby to a delicate necklace or bracelet. Or, include a special inscription that’s meaningful to Mom herself to commemorate this milestone.


10. Honeywell Designer Series HEPA Tower
With a never-ending onslaught of visitors and a serious need for quality sleep, an aromatherapy-enabled air purifier is just about the perfect new-mom gift. Give the gift of cleaner air while also creating an environment that helps Mom feel extra Zen. And be sure to look for a model that’s especially quiet so that Baby and Mama are sure to get their rest.



Cheers! A Hostess' Guide to Cocktails and Mocktails for Big Parties

PUR Pitcher for Cocktails and Mocktails

Take some of the stress out of entertaining with large-batch alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are sure to wow your guests.

Parties are meant to be fun, not stressful, but if you’re stuck mixing drinks rather than mingling with your guests, finding a moment to enjoy yourself as the host can be tough. Rather than stock the bar with every spirit and mixer imaginable or make made-to-order drinks throughout the event, take some of the heavy lifting out of your next soiree with make-ahead drinks that can be crafted in bulk.

We’ve gathered 8 tasty large-batch beverages that are sure to keep the party going while keeping stress levels to a minimum. And if you’re catering to those who don’t imbibe, not to worry! We have some delicious mocktail recipes. too.

But before we start with the fancy drinks, make your guests stay well hydrated by setting a pitcher of fresh filtered water out where everyone can easily pour themselves a glass or three throughout the night.



Cranberry Moscow Mule
You might be familiar with the popular Moscow Mule, traditionally made with vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. This is a tried-and-true classic, with a cranberry twist.

You Need:

For the Cranberry Simple Syrup:
1 cup filtered water
1 cup sugar
1 cup fresh cranberries

For the Cocktails:
2 ½  cups vodka
2/3 cups Cranberry Simple Syrup
1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
4 cups ginger beer


For the cranberry simple syrup, pour 1 cup filtered water into a saucepan. Add 1 cup of sugar, stirring constantly over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Add cranberries and let simmer on low until cranberries burst and the syrup begins turn red. Remove from heat. Once cool, remove the cranberries using a sieve.

Combine the cranberry simple syrup, vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer and serve over ice.


Slow Cooker Hot Toddies
When hosting a party, anything cooked in the slow cooker is a big win for reducing stress. Perfect for winter gatherings and cold nights, this spiced-infused hot, boozy beverage is sure to make spirits bright.

You Need:

Slow Cooker
12 cups of filtered hot water
2 lemons thinly sliced
1 orange sliced
5 star anise
10 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
3 “nobs” of raw ginger
Bourbon for serving


Add everything but the bourbon to a slow cooker and cook on high for 2 hours. To serve, add 1.5 oz of bourbon mug or teacup (leave out for mocktails) and ladle warm mixture on top.


Fruity, refreshing and surprisingly adaptable for parties throughout the seasons, sangria makes our list as a near-perfect drink for large parties. You can choose red, white or even rosé wine as your base, but we like a traditional Spanish Red Sangria since it’s a favorite throughout the year. Note: We’ve opted for more traditional ingredients, but feel free to mix up your fruit to include pineapple, strawberries or grapes.

You Need:

½ cup chopped apple
½ slice orange
3 tablespoons sugar
¾ cup orange juice
1 bottle Spanish red wine
⅓ cup brandy
1 large pitcher


Muddle fruit with sugar at the bottom of a pitcher. Add juice and brandy and muddle again. Add red wine and stir. Store in a fridge to chill and serve in a glass over ice.


There’s no question that eggnog is a holiday party favorite, but it can also be a bit labor intensive. Instead of breaking out the standing mixer and separating egg yolks, opt for this eggnog hack that is still sure to be a crowd pleaser.

You Need:

1 gallon vanilla ice cream
1 cup bourbon
2 teaspoons cinnamon
Cinnamon sticks for garnish
1 can whipped cream
Nutmeg, to taste


Add ice cream to a punch bowl and let melt at room temperature. Once melted, add bourbon and chill in the fridge. To serve, ladle into glass and garnish with whipped cream, grated nutmeg and cinnamon stick.


Mulled Wine
If you’re looking for an easy, cozy drink for a wintertime party, try putting on a pot of mulled wine. Also known as “spiced wine,” this delicious sipper combines red wine with aromatic spices (aka mulling spices) and, similar to sangria, can be spiked with brandy.

You Need:

1 bottle of dry red wine
Mulling spices (or if unavailable, add 8 cloves, 2 cinnamon sticks and 2 star anise)
1 orange sliced
3 tablespoons honey
¼ cup brandy


Add all ingredients to a large pot and stir to combine. Cook over medium heat to a low simmer. Drop heat to low and cover. Simmer for at least 15 minutes to fully infuse flavors.


Hot Chocolate Bar
Planning a family affair? Delight the kiddos (and even the grownups) with whimsical hot chocolate bar with all the fixings.

You Need:

1 gallon whole milk
1 ¼ cup cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 ½ cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
¾ cup hot water
1 bar dark chocolate

Toppings: Sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate chips, peppermint sticks, whipped cream


Whisk together cocoa, sugar and salt in a large soup pot. Place over medium heat and add hot water and a broken up chocolate bar to melt. Once heated, bring to a simmer and slowly whisk in milk without letting it curdle. Serve in a large hot beverage dispenser with mugs and toppings alongside.


Apple Cider
If you’re looking for a large-batch beverage that you can serve as a cocktail or mocktail, look no further than apple cider. Not only is apple cider a favorite amongst guests, but this deliciously aromatic recipe also doubles as a home fragrance system.

You Need:

1 gallon apple cider
3 cinnamon sticks
4 star anise
1 tablespoon cloves
1 tablespoon whole allspice
1 orange sliced
1 cup dark rum (optional)
1 cup cinnamon schnapps (optional)


Add cider, spices and orange to a pot and bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer for 2-3 hours. If serving as an alcoholic beverage, add rum and schnapps to cider mixture and strain out aromatics before serving in a mug with a cinnamon stick as an optional garnish.


Elegant Lemonade
Daytime parties and lemonade go hand-in-hand, but if you want to level up this lemon-infused beverage without a lot of effort, add a splash of vodka, a handful of berries and a sprig of mint to instantly elevate this classic beverage.

You Need:

2 cups sugar (can reduce to 3/4 cup)
2 cups water (for the simple syrup)
2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
Vodka (optional)
Fresh mint


Start by making a simple syrup by combining water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a simmer to fully dissolve sugar. Remove from heat and set aside. Juice lemons and combine. If too sweet or too sour, add filtered water to taste. Serve over ice with fresh blueberries and mint. Add a splash of vodka if desired.

The Surprising Benefits of Using Filtered Water for Cooking and Baking

Cooking & Baking with PUR Water

If you’re not using filtered water in your cooking and baking, you might not be doing your recipes justice. Filtered tap water can help reveal flavors in your food and baked goods in ways unfiltered tap water can’t. Let’s get into filtered tap water’s multiple benefits and why switching from unfiltered makes so much sense.


Water Is an Important Food Ingredient  

Because we’re all so busy these days, cooking and baking are labors of love. So if you spend time in the kitchen, you care about what you’re making and who you’re making it for. You want to make food that tastes good.

Bon Appetit knows, “The way your water tastes will affect the way everything tastes.” It’s easy to understand how bad-tasting water could ruin broth, ice cubes, coffee, and tea. It’s similar to why experienced chefs insist on cooking only with wine they would drink.

Unfiltered tp water contains chlorine. Municipalities add chlorine to drinking water as a disinfectant, which is good. PUR Water Filters reduce chlorine in the water flowing from your kitchen tap when changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, enabling you to deliver dishes and baked goods that taste their very best.


Filtered Water is Good for Bread Making, Especially Sourdough

If you’re an amateur bread baker, you should know that the chlorine in unfiltered tap water could sabotage your hard work. Robust commercial yeasts can stand up to the chlorine, but less robust yeasts in your sourdough starter, for example, could be weakened.

The Pioneer Woman recommends that tap water with chlorine be filtered before it’s added to your sourdough starter. PUR products are designed to reduce that chlorine.


Filter Out Unwelcome Ingredients

Using costly and wasteful bottled water isn’t the best way to care for your kitchen creations and whoever you’re feeding. Consider the money you’d spend for the amount of water you use cooking and baking in a week. Also, consider the number of bottles you’d add to the environment.

PUR faucet filtration systems, pitchers, and dispensers are easy and cost-effective ways to reduce the variety of contaminants that can seep into your tap water. Filter your tap water, and you’ll allow flavors in your soups to shine through. Your cup of coffee will taste better. Your sourdough starter will actually rise. Your family may take pleasure in drinking clean, hydrating water, and you’ll enjoy peace of mind.


6 Clever Ways to Drink More Water This Holiday Season

glasses of water and cut lemons next to water dispenser

Did you know a whopping 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Add in the stress of the holidays — the travel, the events, the general chaos — and dehydration may persist all season long. 

The benefits of drinking water are extensive, and we know dehydration may lead to headaches, fatigue, and dizziness, while long-term dehydration can have serious consequences like the possibility of kidney failure. [3] [4] Naturally, we want to feel our best every day, but it’s even more important we feel good and stay hydrated during the holidays. What a disappointment it would be to miss your favorite holiday party because of dehydration!

With a little planning and intentionality, staying hydrated during the holidays can be an easy way to help keep you feel your best all season long with these hydration tips.


At Home

1. Holiday Spa Water

Most often, when we think of a bright, sophisticated spa water, we think of cucumbers, strawberries, and mint — flavors that typically appear in spring and summer. Alas, there are many ways to elevate a simple pitcher of water that feels cozy and joyful during the winter months. And the more enjoyable it is, the more likely we are to drink it!

One easy way to elevate a pitcher of water for yourself, your family, or for guests is to simply add a handful of pomegranate seeds to the water for a bit of flavor and vibrant color. You can even muddle them a bit in the water if you’d like so the pomegranate juice mixes with the water.

Another refreshing spa water idea that feels festive and cozy is to add orange peels and a few whole cloves to your pitcher of water. After sitting for a few hours in the fridge or on the counter, the oils from the orange peel — a traditional winter holiday fruit — will seep into the water, making for a slightly sweet, subtly spicy spa water. 

2. Upgrade Your Tea Ritual

While many people may tend to think of cocktails and glasses of champagne come holiday season, there’s an understated beauty in the ritual of tea. Ahead of the holiday season, invest in a beautiful tea kettle you’re proud to display for guests. If you’re spending time in a winter wonderland, consider stocking up on sleek Hydroflask mugs to keep your tea the perfect temperature for hours at a time. 

To elevate your tea ritual for guests (or for yourself after an evening of wrapping presents in pajamas), use a Cut and Keep Silicone Lemon Saver so you can easily add a squeeze of lemon to each cup of tea you enjoy.

3. Keep Water Accessible

Whether you’re busy prepping and planning, packing for travel, or hosting a holiday event, you’ll want to keep a fresh pitcher nearby. Considering purchasing a PUR pitcher for each main living space. PUR even has pitchers in a variety of beautiful shades you can choose from to complement your home decor! Having a fresh pitcher of water nearby when you’re busy packing, cooking, or wrapping gifts in preparation for the holiday celebrations can save you time from having to stop and locate your stray water bottle or glass. 

4. Change Your Water Filters

The best way to ensure your water tastes fresh and delicious is to make sure your PUR water filters have been replaced within the last 2-3 months. Before the holiday season really gets going, ensure you’re serving your guests (and yourself!)  crisp, refreshing water with a new filter. 


Water on the Go

5. Water Canteen

We are much more likely to integrate a habit — like drinking water — if we make that habit easy to achieve. If you take a good, hard look at your hydration habits, you’ll likely discover minor ways you’re kept from drinking enough water. For example, when you’re driving, does your travel water bottle fit in your cupholder or does it sit out of reach? Do you often travel on foot and find yourself without a sealable water bottle you can toss in your backpack without leaking? 

6. Holiday Water Game

When you’re out and about running holiday errands, you’ll often encounter a new set of holiday tunes blasting out on a speaker nearby. Use this as a reminder to take a sip of the water bottle you brought with you from home! Treat it like a game to help ensure you’re staying hydrated.