The No. 1 Group at Risk for Dehydration (and What to Do About It)

Although you may not have realized it, as we age our risk of dehydration increases. The sensors that tell us we’re thirsty aren’t as reactive, our kidneys aren’t quite as effective, and many medications can hinder how our body absorbs the water we’re already getting. This is normal, and with a few simple tricks we can all ensure we keep our water intake up and enjoy all the benefits of drinking enough water.

Set Reminders

Regularly drinking water is a habit, but one that needs to be established if you’re not already doing it. An easy tip is setting reminders throughout the day, either on a sticky note in obvious places or through technology you might have at home or in your cell phone. And when that reminder goes off, make it easy on yourself! Drinking eight ounces of water more often, rather than an oversized glass all at once, is far more enjoyable and easier on your body.

Make a Game of It

If competition is more your speed, see if you can’t make a game of hydration. Seven days in a row and you haven’t missed a day? Maybe it gets you a favorite piece of chocolate or money in the jar toward a fun purchase. Or, loop in a friend. See who can be more consistent and perhaps the winner buys the other lunch. Added bonus: bringing a friend along benefits their health, increases your enjoyment, and creates accountability!

Improve Water’s Quality

Maybe you’ve resisted increasing your water intake because what’s coming out of the tap just doesn’t taste great and you’re not that confident it’s that healthy for you, either. There’s a simple fix for that! PUR water filtration systems come with lots of options from pitchers and dispensers to faucet mounted filters, and PUR’s signature Mineral Core in PUR PLUS Faucet Filters adds minerals into your water for optimal taste.

Eat Hydrating Foods

Did you realize when you eat, you’re also ingesting water? A lot of foods have a portion of water in them, and some have more than others. Consider a hydrating revamp of your diet to include water-dense items. Cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, and apples are just some of the many fruits and vegetables that are packing extra water. Just remember to check acid levels before introducing a lot of extra vegetables like tomatoes, especially if you have issues with gastrointestinal weakness or certain medications that are compromised by acid. Broth-based soups are also wonderfully water dense and support hydration. Plain yogurt and skim milk also give the double punch of hydration and calcium, protecting your bones when you need to the most.

Getting your hydration levels up can be effortless with a few simple tips that help you avoid dehydration and keep you enjoying the benefits of water each and every day!