PUR dispensers hold more water than pitchers, making them great for families. Our dispensers also have a slim design that helps optimize your fridge space. Pair your PUR Dispenser with your favorite reusable water bottle to ensure you have great tasting water at the gym, in the office, or anywhere on the go!


Choosing the Right Dispenser


    PUR filters reduce chemical and physical contaminants and substances that could be lurking in your drinking water like mercury, copper, and industrial pollutants.

    PUR PLUS filters have the same filtration and also have advanced technology that reduces heavy metals like lead and other chemical and physical contaminants.

  • Which Size is Right for Me?

    Our line of dispensers come in two sizes: 30 cup or our largest dispenser with a 44 cup capacity, equivalent to 2.75 gallons!

  • Color Choices

    Choose our classic PUR Blue or one of our new colors coming soon. Whatever color you choose to fit into your decor, you'll still get cleaner water.