3 Rituals That Will Change Your Life This Year

Humans are complicated. We like when our actions produce predictable results. (Imagine the smile of the inventor who threw the first boomerang that returned.) On the flip side, we crave the novelty of new experiences — visiting a country for the first time, for example.

It seems counterintuitive, but you can use both instincts to chart a new path for yourself in the new year. Adopting the three simple rituals below will give your days and weeks a new structure and might produce results that you find rewarding.

Ritual #1: Enjoy a cup of tea daily.

This ritual recommends “enjoying,” not “drinking,” a cup of tea daily. Yes, you should drink your tea and not waste it. But the reward here comes from enjoying the ritual itself. Consider what your typical day consists of. Compared with that, enjoying a cup of tea is easy.

Making tea doesn’t take much time — a few minutes to boil water, choose a tea, steep the tea, and sip it. These few minutes are about small decisions, small pleasures, and little else. You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor or think about your childhood.

Enjoying a cup of tea is an excellent way to start a day calmly or wind down from a busy day. The repetition — the ritual — is one you’ll look forward to. Your focus will only be on the task at hand. And whether you should drink an herbal or white tea with little caffeine or a black tea or matcha with more caffeine.

Because water is tea’s primary ingredient, it’s worthwhile to use filtered water. PUR faucet systemspitchers, and dispensers provide a cost-effective supply of clean, healthy, great-tasting filtered water from your tap.

Ritual #2: Take a walk daily.

The cup-of-tea ritual gives your mind a precious moment of downtime. Walking every day is recommended to keep your mind and body moving. Committing to a daily walk carves out a window for pressure-free breathing and thinking, problem-solving, and planning.

The intentionality with which you turn on your email and chat “away” statuses, lace up your shoes, fill your favorite reusable water bottle, and get out the door transforms a daily walk from a habit performed on auto-pilot to a ritual.

Your walk can be a short hike if you prefer. Or a brief bird-watching break. Bring your dog and wave to neighbors. Your walk doesn’t need to be long. It doesn’t even need to be outside, though fresh air and sunshine are bonuses. In colder climes, a treadmill will do the trick.

Be sure to stay hydrated. That means drinking water before and during your walk. If you only find cold water refreshing, filling your reusable bottle from a refrigerated PUR pitcher or dispenser is a must.

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Ritual #3: Socialize weekly.

We spend a lot of time alone in our homes, offices, and cars. Socializing frequently benefits others as much as it helps you. Make a plan to engage with others weekly. Daily is better if you can swing it.

Staying in touch with immediate family and close friends might already be part of your routine. Consider reaching out to family you don’t know as well as you’d like or dear old friends with whom you haven’t connected in so long.

Attend networking events. Pickleball is popular because of its social component. Volunteer for an organization that could use your support. You could even take a part-time job with a theater company or wine producer just because you love hanging out with people immersed in that world.

Making a ritual of what otherwise would simply be a fun, unscheduled activity comes down to planning. Jot down a list of people you’d like to know better or spend more time with. Pick a day of the week and give it a name, like “Social Saturday.” Then populate your calendar with names from your list. And commence socializing on that day every week.

New Year, New Rituals, New You

These rituals are commitments to yourself that, while small, could have a ripple effect on your new year. Enjoying simplicity, honoring your needs, and nurturing relationships are sensible ways to see what changing up your day-to-day can do for you.