New Year New You: Tools to Help You Stay Hydrated

We’ve all heard it’s important to stay hydrated, making it an almost automatic add to any healthy living pledge. But don’t you ever wonder what all the water’s for? Why does it matter if you reach your goal of staying hydrated? It has a lot to do with the fact that our bodies are made up of a whopping 55-60% of water, depending on the amount of lean mass we carry. For something that takes up over half of us, it’s got to be doing something pretty big for our health, right? Indeed, it does! 

Water is a sneaky thing responsible for lots of stuff that makes us feel amazing. Most obvious is in digestion. Water aids in saliva creation, flushes body waste, and drives the nutrient conversion process. But it doesn’t stop there! Water is the ultimate cushy ride. Think of it as our internal bubble wrap. Not only does it lubricate our joints and keep us fluid, it also acts as a shock absorber for our neurological system. And if that’s not enough motivation to stay hydrated, it’s also critical in manufacturing hormones and neurotransmitters. Literally the stuff that makes us tick and function well. You can imagine what robbing those processes of key materials might do to how you feel. One more thing: feeling hot or cold? Water is part of regulating the temperature of our body. 

But how do we stay on track? Read on for simple tools to keep hydrated.

Eat Your Water

That’s right. The food we eat is a great place to slip in extra water, or ensure we aren’t losing water. Lots of foods are magically water rich. The most obvious being whole fruits and vegetables (try them in a smoothie!). But did you realize you can also replace carb heavy foods with these same items and get all the benefits with one easy replacement? Zucchini replaces noodles, cauliflower is a tasty swap for crusts, and lettuce can always take the place of breads or rice. It’s also important to pay attention to how much salt you add to your food. On average, we’re taking in 47% more than what we actually need, taxing our kidneys and body’s ability to retain water. Keeping your sodium intake lower keeps you happy and hydrated. 

Carry It with You

You’re on the go, so leaving your hydration at home isn’t an option. Lucky for you, taking it along has never been easier. For the active individual hiking or on a long ride, you can keep safe and at top performance with hydration packs. This practical equipment allows you to carry water directly on your back, comfortably distributed for easy carrying, and with a hands-free means of getting at a much-needed drink of water. And for everyday carrying, water bottles have continued to advance and provide selection for every need and price point. Bring on the joy! Water bottles come in any style or color imagined, making this accessory an easy statement of style. Healthy and fashionable? Yes, please! 

Start With Great Water

When it comes to the water you consume and carry, have you ever thought making it even tastier and healthier would increase your ability to reach your goals? An effortless way to improve the quality of the water you drink is to consider all of the many options you have for filtering your home’s water. These simple and low-cost options deliver all of the benefits of filtration, from removing contaminants to improving our environment, and PUR filters are certified to deliver these benefits. 

You can start with the faucet itself, by simply anchoring a water filter to the faucet. You can guarantee with a water purifier for home that each glass of water will give you peace of mind and the purest taste. PUR Faucet Systems come in numerous contemporary and standard colors, and offer various placements to ensure it fits your space needs. For the highly connected individual, PUR also has Bluetooth enabled features, tracking everything from your filter status, water consumption, and money saved. Staying hydrated has never been this clear!  

If you would rather tuck your filtered water out of sight, a filtered water pitcher or dispenser is worth keeping in your refrigerator. If you prefer the convenience of being able to serve fully filtered water beyond your kitchen, PUR pitchers are an excellent option. Sleek and comfortable, there are several varieties based on your preferences.  But if getting water from an easy pour spout and overall higher capacity is your ideal, the space conscious PUR water dispensers will provide a great-tasting glass of water at your fingertips. 

Happy hydrating!

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