The Complete Guide to Holiday Gift Giving, No Matter Your Budget

Saying that the holiday season is stressful is an understatement. No matter how hard we may try to be organized and plan ahead, this season always seems to creep up on us, with the events, gift-giving, and celebrations piling up in a short period of time. For many of us, our minds are on an endless stream of holiday to-do lists and calendar invitations. Rising Inflation continues to be a concern, which makes this holiday season even more stressful.

When it comes to holiday gift-giving, you want to be mindful. Buying something that your family and friends will love is important. But it is also important to be mindful of your budget.

Shopping for a practical holiday gift is something to consider this holiday season. Here are a few items to consider this holiday season for your family and friends that are sure to help them breathe a little easier this year. 

For the Fitness Friend

If you’re shopping for a friend who’s a gym rat or a runner, consider buying them a PUR water pitcher in one of their favorite colors. This is a practical gift that they can use to reach their daily hydration goals — even more important to those who take their physical fitness seriously. There is nothing more refreshing than a cool glass of water straight from a pitcher with a filter certified to reduce chemical & physical substances*. 

A water pitcher may not seem like the ideal holiday gift until you stop to consider that everyone drinks water, and even people who already have a water filtration system could often benefit from having an additional water pitcher to keep at their desk or in their bedroom.

For the Beauty Lover

If your loved one is a beauty fanatic, always looking for the next quality skin-care product or eye shadow palette, consider treating them to a premium hair styling tool like the Hot Tools Pro Artist Black Gold Dual Plate Salon Flat Iron or the Hot Tools Pro Artist QuietAir Power Dryer

Another practical gift for a beauty lover is a humidifier with an essential oil diffuser and tray, like the Honeywell Ultra Glow Light Changing Humidifier & Diffuser to keep the moisture in the air to help with skin health and wellbeing. 

For the Highly Sensitive 

We don’t often take the time to think of the air we breathe unless there is something wrong. With the winter months approaching, it would be a great idea to start thinking about your home’s air quality. Those who tend to get sick often or who have compromised immune systems may appreciate a powerful air purification system as a gift this year.

This Honeywell air purifier is a great practical holiday gift that many people might not think to purchase for themselves. Those who battle more illness than others can breathe a little more comfortably this season. 

Another great option for those prone to illness is a waterless vaporizer. This is a gift that offers a slew of benefits while staying within budget. The 5 different scents of this vaporizer are perfect to calm the entire household. 

For the Foodies

Are you shopping for someone who is always tinkering in the kitchen? Bring that kitchen new life by gifting your loved one a new baking set or a specialty kitchen tool they may not think to purchase for themselves. 

A customized apron or online cooking course might also be a thoughtful, practical gift as well.

For the Career-Driven

We’ve been slowly entering normalcy, which means heading back to the office for some. Is your loved one big on meal prep? Consider getting them a Prep & Go 10-Piece Container Set so they can be sharp and organized when packing their lunch for work every day.

For the Eco-Friendly

Are you shopping for a climate-friendly fan of sustainability? If so, a OXO Cut & Keep Silicone Produce Saver Set might be a thoughtful choice for a holiday gift this year. 

For the Wine Lover

A true wine lover cares deeply about the temperature and condition of their wine, which makes the Hydro Flask Wine Gift Set a perfect, practical holiday gift as it helps keep your wine at the ideal temperature, whether hot or cold. Pair the set with Vertical Lever Corkscrew, which makes opening wine bottles much easier than with standard wine bottle openers. 

*Like other leading brands, PUR does not filter microbes. As of 3/1/23 Brita® and ZeroWater® were not certified to filter microbes. Brita® is a trademark of Brita LP. ZeroWater® is a trademark of Zero Technologies, LLC.