8 Reasons to Take PUR Back to School

Of all the things you put in your child’s lunch box or backpack, don’t forget what may be one of the most important ones: PUR filtered water. Not only is a hydrated child happier and healthier, but drinking water can also help them perform at their best.

As you make your back to school shopping list, here are 8 reasons to make water a priority.

1. Dehydration Can Happen Fast. Children are at greater risk of dehydration than adults due to their lower body weight and smaller reserve of body fluids. The Natural Hydration Council states that a 1% to 2% body weight loss can lead to significant reductions in concentration and mental performance. Kids can be more at risk for dehydration as they are dependent on others for access to water. Pack them a refillable bottle with PUR filtered water, so a fresh drink is never far from reach.

2. Better Grades. That’s right, staying hydrated can boost your child’s grades. A university study found that students who drank water before exams saw their grades improve by up to 10%. An article in Nutrients points to multiple studies of students who showed improved memory and longer attention spans when they were properly hydrated.

3. Skip the Sugar Rush. Help your kids resist the temptation to grab that soda or energy drink. Sugary drinks are the largest single source of added sugar in our diets and are among the top sources of calories. Drinking water in place of sugary drinks is an important way to help kids maintain a healthy weight and promote oral health.

4.Cool After School. In many parts of the country, the weather can get pretty hot into the fall. Your kids can work up a sweat during gym, at practices or during outdoor after-school activities. Staying hydrated helps replace the water lost through sweat during these activities and helps avoid fatigue so they are alert on the field and sharp for homework time.

5. Sipping in Style. Style matters to kids of every age. Reusable water bottles are available in fun colors and designs at stores everywhere. Kids will love that they look good and keep water available throughout the day. You’ll love that they’re durable, more affordable than bottled water, and better for the environment.

6.Peace of Mind. Pack a water bottle with PUR filtered water to be sure they’re drinking cleaner water at school. The unfortunate fact is that due to aging underground pipes, tap water in some communities can contain lead. A 2019 Harvard study analyzed water tests from 10,888 schools in 12 states and 44% were found to have at least one water sample containing lead. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has stated “in children, there is no identified threshold or ‘safe’ blood lead level below which no risk of poor developmental or intellectual function is expected”.*

7.For the Taste of It. Kids need to be drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, some experts say teenage boys need even more. Drinking this frequently means it needs to be a habit and something kids look forward to. If kids feel a school water fountain looks unappealing or has a bad taste, they’ll avoid it and go thirsty. Pack them the refreshing, great-tasting PUR water they’ll want to drink.

8.Bottled Water Concerns. Store-bought bottled water brands may be convenient, but a new consumer study has found unsafe levels of arsenic in some well-known brands sold at major retailers. This has resulted in demands for tougher federal standards. Combine that with the fact that buying plastic water bottles is expensive and can have a negative impact on our environment, it’s clear that the smart choice is PUR.

Whether it’s faucet filtration or pitchers or countertop dispensers, PUR has the solution for you and your family.

PUR makes it easy to filter your own water at home and enjoy the peace of mind of cleaner water for the family. Visit us at PUR.com to see what solution works best for you.

*CDC Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry; “What Are Possible Health Effects from Lead Exposure?”; 7/2/19