6 Clever Ways to Drink More Water This Holiday Season

Did you know a whopping 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Add in the stress of the holidays — the travel, the events, the general chaos — and dehydration may persist all season long. 

The benefits of drinking water are extensive, and we know dehydration may lead to headaches, fatigue, and dizziness, while long-term dehydration can have serious consequences like the possibility of kidney failure. [3] [4] Naturally, we want to feel our best every day, but it’s even more important we feel good and stay hydrated during the holidays. What a disappointment it would be to miss your favorite holiday party because of dehydration!

With a little planning and intentionality, staying hydrated during the holidays can be an easy way to help keep you feel your best all season long with these hydration tips.

At Home

1. Holiday Spa Water

Most often, when we think of a bright, sophisticated spa water, we think of cucumbers, strawberries, and mint — flavors that typically appear in spring and summer. Alas, there are many ways to elevate a simple pitcher of water that feels cozy and joyful during the winter months. And the more enjoyable it is, the more likely we are to drink it!

One easy way to elevate a pitcher of water for yourself, your family, or for guests is to simply add a handful of pomegranate seeds to the water for a bit of flavor and vibrant color. You can even muddle them a bit in the water if you’d like so the pomegranate juice mixes with the water.

Another refreshing spa water idea that feels festive and cozy is to add orange peels and a few whole cloves to your pitcher of water. After sitting for a few hours in the fridge or on the counter, the oils from the orange peel — a traditional winter holiday fruit — will seep into the water, making for a slightly sweet, subtly spicy spa water. 

2. Upgrade Your Tea Ritual

While many people may tend to think of cocktails and glasses of champagne come holiday season, there’s an understated beauty in the ritual of tea. Ahead of the holiday season, invest in a beautiful tea kettle you’re proud to display for guests. If you’re spending time in a winter wonderland, consider stocking up on sleek Hydroflask mugs to keep your tea the perfect temperature for hours at a time. 

To elevate your tea ritual for guests (or for yourself after an evening of wrapping presents in pajamas), use a Cut and Keep Silicone Lemon Saver so you can easily add a squeeze of lemon to each cup of tea you enjoy.

3. Keep Water Accessible

Whether you’re busy prepping and planning, packing for travel, or hosting a holiday event, you’ll want to keep a fresh pitcher nearby. Considering purchasing a PUR pitcher for each main living space. PUR even has pitchers in a variety of beautiful shades you can choose from to complement your home decor! Having a fresh pitcher of water nearby when you’re busy packing, cooking, or wrapping gifts in preparation for the holiday celebrations can save you time from having to stop and locate your stray water bottle or glass. 

4. Change Your Water Filters

The best way to ensure your water tastes fresh and delicious is to make sure your PUR water filters have been replaced within the last 2-3 months. Before the holiday season really gets going, ensure you’re serving your guests (and yourself!)  crisp, refreshing water with a new filter. 

Water on the Go

5. Water Canteen

We are much more likely to integrate a habit — like drinking water — if we make that habit easy to achieve. If you take a good, hard look at your hydration habits, you’ll likely discover minor ways you’re kept from drinking enough water. For example, when you’re driving, does your travel water bottle fit in your cupholder or does it sit out of reach? Do you often travel on foot and find yourself without a sealable water bottle you can toss in your backpack without leaking? 

6. Holiday Water Game

When you’re out and about running holiday errands, you’ll often encounter a new set of holiday tunes blasting out on a speaker nearby. Use this as a reminder to take a sip of the water bottle you brought with you from home! Treat it like a game to help ensure you’re staying hydrated.