PUR 44 Cup Dispenser

PUR 44 Cup Dispenser

Enjoy cleaner, great-tasting water with a PUR largest capacity dispenser yet. Our 44 cup dispenser include 2 PUR Filters, certified to reduce 2x more contaminants than the Brita’s® leading pitcher filter.¹

  • 44 cup capacity (~2.75 gal) – largest capacity available
  • 2 PUR filters for double the speed
  • Removable stand with filter storage for up to 6 PUR filters
¹ Versus best-selling Brita® pitcher filter OB03. Brita® is a trademark of Brita LP.
² For a full list of contaminants, click here. PUR does not filter microbes.
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Product details

Details & Dimensions

Home tap water may look clean, but may contain pollutants & contaminants picked up on its journey through old pipes. Each PUR water filter is certified to reduce mercury and certain industrial pollutants as well as reducing chlorine (taste and odor) and more.¹ Each filter lasts up to 2 months and gives you 40 gallons (or 640 8oz cups) of cleaner, great-tasting water. PUR’s superior filter technology uses activated carbon and ion exchange media and is certified to reduce 2x more contaminants than Brita’s® leading pitcher filter.¹ ² Our dispensers have a slim, space saving design that fits easily in the fridge or nicely on your kitchen counter without taking up too much room.

Capacity: 44 Cups
Dimensions: W 12.5″ x H 17″ x L 7.7″
In the Box: 1 dispenser, 2 filters included

Manual & FAQs

Question: How do I install or replace a filter?

Answer: Insert the filter into the tray.  Push down and twist clockwise to lock. If you have done this prior to putting the tray in the pitcher, you can firmly hit the bottom of the filter to assure it is in place.

Question: How does the Filter Change Light work? 

Answer: The Filter Change Light is an easy way to see when it is time to change your filter. Your light will change from green to yellow, and from yellow to red.  This will inform you that your filter has reached the end of life at approximately 40+ gallons over 2 months of time.
When you replace your filter every 2 months or as your filter change light indicates, be sure it’s PUR. PUR’s Filtration Systems are certified by NSF and/or WQA for their contamination reduction to assure you are drinking cleaner water. Be cautious of ‘off-brand’ filters. They are not tested or certified to filter like PUR. 

Question: How do I recycle my used PUR products?

Answer: We are currently working on implementing a recycling program for our PUR customers.  Please continue to check this section as we will provide an update once details become available. If you have a pitcher with a Filter Change Light, please do not dispose of the non-replaceable battery in a landfill, rather check local recycling. 

For additional FAQ or post-purchase support, please visit our support page.