PUR faucet filters are certified to reduce 99% of Lead. Filtered Water on demand for your everyday needs.

Faucet Filtration Systems featuring MineralClear® filters for great taste.

PUR Faucet Filters are certified to reduce over 70 contaminants including 99% of Lead. More than any other brand.

PUR Faucet Filters are certified to reduce 10x more contaminants than the leading Brita pitcher.

All PUR Faucet Filtration Systems feature MAXION® filter technology and innovative design.
  • A. Tool-free Installation
  • B. Award-winning Design
  • C. CleanSensor™ Monitor indicates filter status
  • D. Filtered Water on demand
  • E. Easy Switch from Filtered to non-Filtered water

Faucet Filtration Systems with Basic Filter.

MAXION® filter technology is our commitment to superior filtration performance and innovation.

* As of 11/15/2018, based on comparison of PUR pitcher filter Models PPF951K1 and CRF-950Z vs original Brita pitcher filter Model OB03. Brita® is a trademark of Brita LP.