Faucet Filtration FAQ's.

Currently, we are out of stock for faucet filtration systems. We are working to get these products back in stock as quickly as possible.

Quick Start Guide

Visit our standard quick start guide for set up tips, including a video on how to install  your PUR Water Faucet Filtration System.

How do I recycle my used PUR products?

We are currently working on implementing a recycling program for our PUR customers.  Please continue to check this section as we'll provide an update once details become available.

What to do if your filter light is not resetting or the light is out?

Please review the below instructions and click here for a video on how to reset the filter light on your faucet mount.

Vertical Faucet Mounts

  • 1 Remove filter and replace back into unit.
  • 2 Make sure the reset button is not stuck in / try manually resetting button inside canister with finger.
  • 3The unit will continue to function as long as you continue to change your filter every 3 months (100 gallons.)

Horizontal Faucet Mounts

  • 1Remove filter and place back into unit.
  • 2Remove filter and place aside. Using a dry cloth, thoroughly wipe threadings on cap and unit. Reinstall filter.
  • 3 The unit will continue to function as long as you continue to change your filter every 3 months (100 gallons.)

For the following models:


  • 1 Remove filter and place back into unit.
  • 2Push reset button in for 3 seconds until all 3 lights flash, then release.
  • 3 Make sure reset button is not stuck in. If reset button is stuck in, pull up on button so it springs back into place.

Which PUR faucet filter systems will fit my faucet?

Our systems fit most standard faucets. Pull-out and handheld faucets are not compatible with our systems

How do I install my unit?

  • 1 Remove your original aerator and its washer. Use a rubber jar opener if the aerator is difficult to remove.
  • 2 Identify your faucet threading, either external or internal.
  • 3 Attach the device to your faucet.

Do I need an adapter?

Try fitting the system right out of the box. If it doesn’t fit try one of the 3 enclosed adapters. If it still doesn’t fit contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

1 External Threaded Adapter

If device does not fit, attach adapter 1. Finger-tighten the adapter and washer to your faucet.

2 Internal Threaded Adapters

Attach adapter 2. If adapter 2 does not fit, try adapter 3. Finger-tighten the adapter and washer to your faucet.

For more information see our quick start guide or watch this video.

Should I soak the filter before use?

Before first use, run cold water for 5 minutes in a filtered position. During filter flush, it is normal to see cloudy water and hear the sound of water pushing air out of the filter cartridge. Flushing removes any loose materials, which is normal. Prior to each use, run cold water for 5 seconds in a filtered position to activate the filter.

Can I run hot water through the filter?

Never run hot water through the filter. Do not use the water above 100˚F/38˚C as this may alter the filter. Use cold water only.

How to install or replace a filter?

To install or replace the filter, remove the device from your faucet by unscrewing the threaded mounting nut.

  • 1 Twist back cover off
  • 2 Insert filter into the device (Don’t worry, the filter will fit loosely)
  • 3 Replace back cover

After each new filter cartridge is installed, run cold water for 5 minutes to flush it.

Change your filter every three months for best performance.

For more information, watch this video.

How many contaminants does my filter reduce?

PUR faucet mount systems are certified by NSF International to reduce 72 contaminants and substances, including sediment, chlorine (taste and odor) and its by-products, which is more than any other brand.

What’s the difference between white basic and blue MineralClear® filters?

The Classic and Basic faucet filtration systems come with a white basic filter. The Advanced, Advanced Plus and Ultimate faucet filtration systems come with the blue MineralClear® filter.

How does the CleanSensor™ Monitor work?

Indicates filter status and guarantees you will always have safer and healthier filtered drinking water. The green light will flash 6 times as you begin to use the filter. Replacement of the filter cartridge resets the light.

Filter change light changes color depending on how long filter has been in use or how much water has been filtered. Filter will reach end of life at 100+ gallons or 90+ days.

The filter change light contains a non-replaceable battery. The battery will eventually stop working but the filter is still functional.

How do I clean my faucet filtration system?

Clean the exterior of the faucet mount housing with a damp sponge or soft cloth. A mild dishwashing liquid may also be used. Using anything else to clean your faucet mount could result in damage to the unit.

How do I know when to replace the filter?

To ensure maximum contaminant removal, to replace your PUR filter after 100 gallons of use or every 3 months. If your CleanSensor™ flashes red, it’s time for a new filter.

Where can I download the app?

Download the PUR App from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

How do I connect the app with my unit?

  • 1 Make sure Bluetooth connectivity is enabled on your smart device. Go into your device settings, select the Bluetooth option and switch on.
  • 2 Open the PUR App on your smart device.
  • 3 Follow the App directions to set up your profile.
  • 4 Make sure your smart device is in close proximity of your PUR Faucet Filtration System (within 5 feet).
  • 5 Turn your faucet on and turn down the lever for filtered water. The PUR Faucet Filtration System will sync with your smart device only when filtered water is running.
  • 6 When the two water droplets appear in the top right of the PUR App screen, you are successfully connected. The PUR Faucet Filtration System disconnects from your smart device when filtered water is turned off and goes into a power saving mode.