PUR PLUS Bluetooth™ Faucet System w/ 6 Months of Filters

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PUR PLUS Faucet Filtration System with Bluetooth™   + $43.19
PUR PLUS Mineral Core™ Faucet Filter, 1 Pack   + $17.09

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Enjoy cleaner, filtered water from your faucet with the easy to install PUR PLUS Faucet Filter System. Certified to reduce lead and 10x more  contaminants than Brita's® leading pitcher filter1,2

This bundle set includes the PUR PLUS Faucet Filtration System with Bluetooth™, plus 2 PUR PLUS Faucet Filters for 6 months of filtration.

  • Certified to reduce 70 contaminants including lead²
  • Filters water over natural minerals for great taste
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Each filter lasts for up to 100 gallons or 3 months

¹Versus best-selling Brita® pitcher filter OB03. Brita® is a trademark of Brita LP.
²For a full list of contaminants, click here. PUR does not filter microbes.

Product Details

  • What's Included

    This faucet filtration system is Bluetooth enabled through our free downloadable app, so you can sync with your phone and track water consumption and filter usage through the app. This value pack includes 2 bonus filters for 6 months of cleaner, filtered water on demand.

    In the Box:

    • 1 PUR PLUS Horizontal Faucet Filtration System with Bluetooth™ (PFM800HX)
    • 2 PUR PLUS Mineral Core™ Faucet Filters (RF-9999)


    App Features:

    • Filter Status - Monitor filter status and automatically order replacements
    • Track Water Intake - Create goals and track your daily hydration
    • Track Money Saved - Track plastic waste saved over buying bottled water & your cost savings compared to bottled water
  • Manual & FAQs

    Question: How do I install my faucet system?


    1. Remove your original aerator and its washer. Use a rubber jar opener if the aerator is difficult to remove.
    2. Identify your faucet threading – either external or internal.
    3. Attach the device to your faucet.

    Question: How do I reset the filter light?


    1. Remove filter and place back into unit.
    2. Push the reset button in for 3 seconds until all 3 lights flash, then release.
    3. Make sure reset button is not stuck in. If reset button is stuck, pull up on button so it springs back into place

    For additional FAQ or post-purchase support, please visit our support page.

Bundle Includes: 

PUR PLUS Faucet System 


2 PUR PLUS Faucet Filters with Mineral Core™ Technology

For 6 Months of Filtration