PUR PLUS 7-Cup & 11-Cup Ultimate Pitchers (PPT711W/PPT111W)

  • Question: How do I reset the filter light on my pitcher?

    Answer: To reset the filter light on your pitcher, hold the reset button down for at least 5 seconds.   

  • Question: How do I prevent water spilling from my pitcher?

    Answer: To prevent water from spilling from your pitcher, make sure the lid is on tightly and the water has finished filtering before you pour.

  • Question: How do I unclog the filter?

    Answer: If you notice water is filtering slower than normal, remove the filter from your pitcher and shake vigorously until you hear the granules shifting inside.

  • Question: How long will my filter last?

    Answer: One filter provides up to 40 gallons, or 2 months, of clean water. For products that have a Filter Change Light,  replace your filter when the red light on your Filter Change Light is flashing. For best performance, change your filter every 2 months.

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