PUR MineralClear® Faucet Filter
  • PUR MineralClear® Faucet Filter

PUR MineralClear® Faucet Filter



The easy-to-change replacement filter fits any PUR Faucet Filtration System to provide up to three months of clean, delicious water. Created with MAXION® filter technology, this filter reduces over 70 contaminants while its MineralClear® design filters water over natural minerals for a fresh taste.


  • Each filter provides up to 100 gallons of filtered water
  • Certified to remove 99% of Lead, 96% of Mercury and 92% of certain Pesticides


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  • Dimensions: 2.66 W x 2.26H x 5.56L

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 It’s completely normal for the cartridge or the wrapper to contain a small amount of white dust. You may also see some white dust come out of the filter, which is normal. The white dust is caused by natural minerals that are in the core of the filter. These minerals give the water a crisp, refreshing taste. The white dust is not harmful in any way and should easily wipe off with a damp cloth. 

Depending on the hardness of your water, faucet mount filters should be changed every 100 gallons or about every 3 months, whichever comes first. If your unit features an LED indicator light, it will turn from green to yellow or red when the filter needs to be replaced. The light will flash only when in use. Green indicates the filter is working. Yellow indicates the filter will need to be replaced soon, while a red light means the filter needs to be replaced immediately.

Running hot water through the filter will decrease the effectiveness of the filter. 

Yes, for faucet mounts run cold water for 5 minutes in the filtered position upon first use.

Replacing the filter is easy. Simply twist off the top cover, remove the old filter, put in the new one, and replace the top cover. Also, it is important to run cold water through the filter for five minutes before use.

PUR faucet mount systems are certified by NSF International to reduce 72 contaminants and substances, including sediment, chlorine (taste and odor) and its by-products, which is more than any other brand.