PUR Faucet Filters

  • Question: How do I reset the filter light?


    1. Remove filter and place back into unit.
    2. Push the reset button in for 3 seconds until all 3 lights flash, then release.
    3. Make sure reset button is not stuck in. If reset button is stuck, pull up on button so it springs back into place.

  • Question: What to do if your filter light is not resetting or the light is out?

    Answer: Remove filter from system and push down on the button inside the housing until it pops back up.

  • Question: Can I run hot water through the filter?

    Answer: Never run hot water through the filter. Do not use the water above 100˚F/38˚C as this may alter the filter. Use cold water only.

  • Question: How do I install or replace a filter?


    To install or replace the filter, remove the device from your faucet by unscrewing the threaded mounting nut.

    1. Twist back cover off
    2. Insert filter into the device (Don’t worry, the filter will fit loosely)
    3. Replace back cover

    Before first use, run cold water for 5 minutes in a filtered position. During filter flush, it is normal to see cloudy water and hear the sound of water pushing air out of the filter cartridge. Flushing removes any loose materials, which is normal. Prior to each use, run cold water for 5 seconds in a filtered position to activate the filter.

    Change your filter every three months for best performance.

  • Question: How many contaminants does my filter reduce?

    Answer: PUR faucet filtration systems are certified by NSF to reduce 70 chemical and physical contaminants and substances, including sediment, chlorine (taste and odor) and its by-products.  Please refer to your Owner's Manual for a full list of contaminants removed.

  • Question: What's the difference between white PUR and blue PUR PLUS Mineral Core™ filters?

    Answer: The PUR faucet filtration systems come with a white basic filter. The PUR PLUS faucet chemical & physical filtration systems come with the blue Mineral Core™ filter.

  • Question: How do I know when to replace the filter?

    Answer: To ensure maximum contaminant reduction, replace your PUR filter after 100 gallons of use or every 3 months.* If your Filter Change Light flashes red, it’s time for a new filter.

  • Question: What do I do if I notice my faucet system is filtering slowly?

    Answer: When your faucet system filter is near end of life, the water will run slower in the filtered position.  Replace your filter every three months to ensure contaminant reduction is at the certified levels.* 

*For a full list of contaminants, click here. PUR does not filter microbes.

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